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Jackpot amount

$ 50 Million


When it comes to big win lottery games, raffles are often overlooked. Though, this is the biggest mistake players make. This is because in Raffles lottery game, even if your ticket doesn’t match a single number in the regular draw, still you have a chance to win generous prize money in the additional raffle lotto game. Hence, it is worth playing as in raffles game, players can enjoy additional chance to bag big wins.

Raffles is basically a game ticket with certain numbers printed on it, and if one or some of the numbers subsequently match with the randomly drawn numbers, then the ticket holders wins a grand prize.

The game is many of times confused to very much like a lottery game, yet there are several characteristics which make raffles and lotteries different from each other.

Number selection – When you buy a lottery ticket, you have got the opportunity to select the numbers, but when you play raffle, you’re assigned a pre-printed raffle code. So, it’s all about luck and no efforts.

Assured winner – While in lottery game, it’s common that the play goes into vain as no winner comes out because the numbers are drawn randomly. On the other hand, raffles always have a guaranteed win as the numbers or codes are drawn that corresponds to the raffle tickets sold.

Defined date – Raffles take place on a defined date, while the lotteries are drawn multiple times without any limits.

Number of tickets – Lottery tickets are sold for infinite numbers; on the other hand, raffle tickets are limited. In order to increase the number of raffle ticket sales, raffle companies print each code multiple times and then divide the codes into shares. Therefore, it is possible to have multiple jackpot winners in both lottery and raffles.

Grand prize – In lotteries, the winning prize keeps growing based on the number of tickets sold. In case, no winner comes out in the first round, then the jackpot rolls over to the next round and the jackpot winning amount keeps growing indefinitely until a winner is announced. In raffles, on the other hand, the jackpot amount is pre-defined and the winner comes out in the first round itself and do not roll over at all.